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PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri Returns to Depart CPMI As Many As Seven People

PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri
Branch Head of PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri NTB, Hj. Rohyana Dewi Arifin before taking the CPMIs to BIZAM Airport, Saturday (1/10/2022).

MATARAM,  - PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri again dispatched Indonesian Migrant Workers Candidates (CPMI). This time, as many as seven CPMIs were dispatched to the destination country of Taiwan.

"Before flying to Taiwan, these CPMIs will be collected at the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO). At least they fly immediately a week," said the Branch Head of PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri NTB, Hj. Rohyana Dewi Arifin before taking the CPMIs to BIZAM Airport, Saturday (1/10/2022).

The smiling woman explained that CPMI's departure to the destination country did not take long.

"On average three months are ready to go," commented.

While all operational costs before being fully borne by the company. Such as passport fees, medical costs, training costs and departure fees.

"Including pocket money we give during the trip," he explained.

The commitment between CPMI and the company, namely with a salary deduction. Where the salaries of the CPMI will be cut by 50 percent for seven months.

"The salary is now also high. Especially in Taiwan, it is above Rp 10 million. So every month they can still send money to their families, and in the 8th month they get a full salary," they said.

Meanwhile, the recruitment of PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri, H Sarimah Ibnu Sedah added, previously had opened the distribution of workers since 1996 ago. So that the track record of PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri is no longer in doubt.

"Alhamdulillah, everything has worked well and succeeded. In the contract later, we will also register CPMI for insurance. So if anything goes wrong, we are ready to take responsibility," he said.

From what he said, for people who intend to work abroad, do not hesitate to register at PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri which is located at Jln. Majeluk Transmigration No.77, Pejanggik, Mataram District, West Nusa Tenggara. Or by phone or Whatsapp at 087744779968.

Smiles radiated from the CPMI who were about to go to BIZAM Airport. One of them, Ida Aisyah Wismayanti. The 34-year-old woman from Tanak Awu Village, Central Lombok, admitted that she was very grateful to be able to immediately go to try her luck in her destination country, namely Taiwan.

"I want to try my luck, mas. Because many of my friends have worked abroad through PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri. They are now able to build houses and fulfill their needs at home," he said.

The mother of three also admitted that she was grateful to be able to go through PT. Princess Samawa Mandiri. Since the beginning of registering, he has never spent a penny.

"Yes, even if there is an application for photocopying or transportation," he said.

For information, PT. Putri Samawa Mandiri is already well known to various destination countries. Both in Asia, the Middle East to Europe. Since 1996, the company has officially sent shipping destinations to a number of countries. (GN)

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